"En Garde Against Bites" ~ The TLC Protector
Toothche' is a simple solution to the serious post-treatment problem of accidental biting

Toothche' is a new mouth guard designed to prevent dental patient's from biting themselves after dental treatment involving local anesthetic. Developed by Pediatric Dentists, Toothche' provides preventative care and a little extra TLC for your patient's TLC (tongue, lips and cheeks).

Toothche' offers protection
for your patients.

Toothche' is designed to protect your patients from self-induced injury after local anesthesia

Why Toothche'?

  • Your patients will be "guarded" against accidental biting & THANK YOU for protecting
    them from their own teeth!
  • Simple placement & fitting in 60 seconds or less!
  • No more folded gauze...no more soaked and messy cotton rolls!
  • They're affordable...Toothche' costs less than a cup of coffee per patient!
  • Rack up Marketing Mileage...use Toothche' as an additional tool in your practice marketing toolbox by demonstrating that you care about your patients after their treatment is completed!
  • Saves time and money through improved management of patient care (during and after the appointment), which minimizes unnecessary post-operative appointments that consume valuable chair time.

As you are well aware, accidental biting is a problem for dental patients. Research shows that:

  • 13% of all patients ages 2-18 years experience post-operative soft tissue trauma;*
  • 18-20% of certain pediatric patients (younger, less cooperative) experience post-treatment trauma;*
  • 7% of all patients age 12 and up experience some type of post-treatment trauma
    (i.e. tongue, lip or cheek biting).*

*Bilateral versus unilateral mandibular block anesthesia in a pediatric population.
College C., et. al. Pediatr. Dent. 2000 Nov-Dec;22(6):453-7.

"Toothche' can prevent tissue damage and prolonged patient discomfort from bite injuries following local anesthesia... I think Toothche' could become a Standard of Care in the dental community."

David R. Avery, D.D.S., M.S.D. and former Chairman and Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Indiana University.