"En Garde Against Bites" ~ The TLC Protector
Toothche' is a simple solution to the serious post-treatment problem of accidental biting

Developed by Pediatric Dentists David & Scott Morgan, D.D.S., Toothche' is an inexpensive way to offer your patients preventative care and a little extra TLC for thier TLC (tongue, lips and cheeks) once they have had treatment requiring local anesthesia.

Toothche' offers protection
for your patients.

Toothche' is designed to protect your patients from self-induced injury after local anesthesia

Why Toothche'?

  • Your patients will be "guarded" against accidental biting & THANK YOU for protecting
    them from their own teeth!
  • Simple placement & fitting in 60 seconds or less!
  • No more folded gauze...no more soaked and messy cotton rolls!
  • They're affordable...Toothche' costs less than a cup of coffee per patient!
  • Rack up Marketing Mileage...use Toothche' as an additional tool in your practice marketing toolbox by demonstrating that you care about your patients after their treatment is completed!
  • Saves time and money through improved management of patient care (during and after the appointment), which minimizes unnecessary post-operative appointments that consume valuable chair time.

As you are well aware, accidental biting is a problem for dental patients. Research shows that:

  • 13% of all patients ages 2-18 years experience post-operative soft tissue trauma;*
  • 18-20% of certain pediatric patients (younger, less cooperative) experience post-treatment trauma;*
  • 7% of all patients age 12 and up experience some type of post-treatment trauma
    (i.e. tongue, lip or cheek biting).*

*Bilateral versus unilateral mandibular block anesthesia in a pediatric population.
College C., et. al. Pediatr. Dent. 2000 Nov-Dec;22(6):453-7.

"Toothche' can prevent tissue damage and prolonged patient discomfort from bite injuries following local anesthesia... I think Toothche' could become a Standard of Care in the dental community."

David R. Avery, D.D.S., M.S.D. and former Chairman and Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Indiana University.