It's so simple...
Trim, Heat, Insert & Mold
Toothche' can easily be placed by dental auxiliary personnel prior to the administration of local anesthesia. Placement of the mouth guard is very simple and once a person has become comfortable with the fitting procedure, it can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds.

The insertion and usage instructions are as follows:

Trim 1.) Prior to the administration of local anesthetic, use the handle to place the mouth guard in the patients mouth and check the mouth guard size to determine proper length in the posterior. Trim-to-fit, as needed, with scissors.Heat 2.) Place the mouth guard in hot water that is NOT hotter than a HOT cup of coffee that is barely safe to drink (165 deg. F +/- 5 deg. F) for about 15 seconds and no longer than about 30 seconds. (DO NOT OVERHEAT the material with water that is too hot! It will cause deformation or may burn the patient.) For the Best Results - Use HOT Water From a Coffeemaker and immerse the mouth guard (with the handle sticking out of the water) for 10 to 15 seconds, then remove from water. Note: It is NOT recommended that you use water from a Hot Water Tap or Microwave Oven as the inconsistent water temperature may be too hot and cause permanent deformation of the mouth guard.Mold 3.) Spread open the flanges, then place and properly orient the mouth guard in the patient's mouth. Have the patient bite together on the biting surfaces that are at the bottom of the troughs, being sure that they avoid biting on the vertical flanges while they are closing. (Have the patient suck the air out of the space between the mouth guard and the teeth, if possible. Otherwise, gently use your finger to form the cheek-side flanges to the
teeth.) Leave the mouth guard in place and allow it to cool for 20-30 seconds. Remove the newly molded mouth guard. (The mouth guard can be reheated several times, if necessary, to correct any errors that may have occurred in the molding/fitting process.)
Treat Reinsert the mouth guard, as needed, for the patient's protection after the administration of local anesthetic and for the duration of local anesthetic effect. The mouth guard is intended for "Single Patient Use ONLY" and the patient/ parent, is to be instructed to remove the mouth guard and discard it after the period of numbness has passed.