Dear Doctor:

Toothche' is a very simple and effective solution to post-anesthetic trauma as it separates anesthetized soft tissues from the teeth. Proper placement and fitting of the device can be accomplished in as little as 30 seconds. We named the mouth guard the "Toothche'" because we believe that it is the perfect response to the problem of cheek-biting. Research conducted by C. College, et. al., published in the journal Pediatric Dentistry, has shown that "a total of 13% of all patients ages 2-18 years experienced post-operative soft tissue trauma."* The article further reveals the prevalence to be as high as 18-20% amongst certain (younger) pediatric patients.* Even amongst patients greater than 12 years of age, self-induced oral soft tissue trauma occurs about 7% of the time.* With the use of the Toothche'~TLC Protector mouth guard, we can change these statistics for the better.

But the proof stands with our patients. We have been using Toothche' in our office and are getting positive results and applause. Parents and patients really appreciate the fact that we're taking an extra step to guard them against their own teeth!

We've asked our patients to complete an exit questionnaire to document the effectiveness of the Toothche'. We would be happy to share our survey results with you if you're interested. Please let us know.

We hope that you will try Toothche' and experience the results for yourself!


D. Scott Morgan, D.D.S.
David L. Morgan, D.D.S.

* Bilateral versus unilateral mandibular block anesthesia in a pediatric population. College C., et. al. Pediatr. Dent. 2000 Nov-Dec;22(6):453-7.